Salsa Classes

Salsa dancing originated in Cuba around 1920s with roots in African Rumba and Son music. Since then it has traveled all over the world via New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Europe and finally reached your shores!

Salsa means sauce and this dance form is saucy, spicy and so much fun! Primarily a partner dance, it also incorporates styles borrowed from other dance forms and keeps evolving. Popular with beginner dancers all over the world as it is easy to pick up and one gets better and better with practice.

At DSM, we have instructors with more than 10 years of dancing Salsa under their belts. We put especial emphasis on body movements, technique and styling to lay down solid foundations from the very beginning. There is no need to bring a partner (though its great if you have one!), hop in for a trial class today.

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